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The cooling fan factory briefly describes the function of the home cooling fan?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Learn from the following points of cross-flow fans

         1. Impeller: The impeller of the cross-flow fan is relatively long and barrel-shaped fan blades. In this way, the large air inlet and the large air outlet are designed to greatly reduce the noise under the same air volume.

         2. Do double-sided dynamic balance: The impeller mentioned above is a long barrel shape, which is processed by hardware. It is inevitable that the balance can be made to a very standard. Therefore, our company uses a 100% upper dynamic balance machine to proofread it to achieve Balance standards. Doesn’t the market say that it’s fine if you can transfer it! There are some people who know that a well-balanced cooling fan can extend its life. Therefore, no matter how much labor costs are paid, we insist on balancing.

         3. This impeller has been tested by engineers using software to simulate air volume, wind pressure and noise many times. It's not just a simple design, drawing, and mold opening. They are all designed with ingenuity to completely avoid "unequal distances, unequal angles, and different hearts." That is to make the noise generated by each fan blade cutting wind the same, so that the wind noise of the whole operation is consistent, if there are "unequal distances, unequal angles, different concentricity", there will be noise, so the overall noise will be louder.

         4. The important thing is the motor, which is the heart of the fan. Since it is the heart, it is too important to make a cross-flow fan our motor load margin to leave 60% of the space. Why should we leave such a large space? Because we don’t know the customer’s environment and air duct design, if the designed air duct has a great influence on the wind resistance, the motor will start to increase the load greatly. So our company has done a series of tests to make it the largest load. The utilization rate is 58%, and there is 42% space left, which is safe. If the motor power is not enough, the motor will make a buzzing sound, the whole cross flow fan is noisy, and the motor temperature rises and its life is short.

    Cross-flow fans have a wide range of applications, including air purifiers, air curtains, wine coolers, fireplaces, freezers, solariums, subways, harvesters and other equipment.


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Contact: Mr. Liu

Mobile phone: 18902431810

Landline: 0755-29985575

Address: 7th Floor, Xinlong Science and Technology Park, No. 2, Dawangshan Industrial 1st Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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