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Friends, do you know which industries AC cooling fans are used in?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

When disassembling electrical products and mechanical equipment, we often find that there is a small fan-AC cooling fan. It seems that there will be such a component on every piece of machinery and equipment. Its shadow is basically ubiquitous. The AC cooling fan is Mechanical equipment and machinery equipment mainly have heat dissipation effect. At this stage, each manufacturing industry has more and more requirements for cooling fans. All kinds of manufacturing machinery and equipment cannot do without the cooling effect of cooling fans, so it is actually used In what manufacturing industry? What are the applications of cooling fans?

       1. Small appliances: air purifiers, air humidifiers, dehumidifiers (machines), oxygen generators, burners, electric drink pots (smart), refrigerators (sterilization), electric heaters, toilets with electronic components (Also called smart toilets and smart toilets), speakers, amplifiers, projectors, playback software, TV set-top boxes (smart), household fresh air systems, etc., home appliances such as home appliances are often used during housework and are It operates according to electromagnetic energy, so it is very easy to generate heat, so a cooling fan must be used to help dissipate heat.

       2. Electronic device refrigeration category: electronic device refrigerator (car refrigerator), beer dispenser, wine cooler, vertical drinking fountain, direct drinking fountain, hot and cold pad, yogurt maker, cooling cup, hot and cold cup, electronic device makeup In the case of these, cooling is undoubtedly to dissipate heat. This is rarely stated, and I firmly believe that everyone can understand.

       3. Switching power supply: power supply system, variable frequency power supply, inverter power supply, soft starter, UPS switching power supply, PC power supply, smart charger (battery charger), industrial automation, main box, servo drive, two-protection welding machine, etc. , Switching power supplies also cause large heat generation equipment. Because they must operate for a long time, the resulting heat generation is very large. It is necessary to take good heat dissipation measures, otherwise it will burn the equipment and even cause Fire accident.

       4. Medical products: B-ultrasound, digital oscilloscope, beauty skin care sprayer, electronic cigarette atomizer, beauty lamp, fingernail lamp, hair removal device, etc. This manufacturing industry will have many people wondering, but the same medical equipment is also Luminous heating equipment must pay attention to heat dissipation.

       5. Other categories: ESC, radiator, mobile air conditioner, LED aging test box, drainage matrix, high-speed ball, car heater, business service copier, natural ventilation pad, arcade game machine, gas pool table, POS machine, Water cluster lights, car LED headlights, USB fan, computer mouse (with fan), gas mask, arc welding hat, etc.

       Since the manufacturing industry is very complicated, I rarely talk about it, but if it is clear, the use of cooling fans is very common, and it is ubiquitous. In short, DC cooling fans are mainly used in electronic computers, communication equipment, optoelectronic products, consumer electronics, Car electronics, air conditioner exchangers, medical equipment, electric heaters, air conditioners, soft starters, teller machines, car refrigerators, automatic welding machines, induction cookers, professional audio equipment, environmental protection machinery, refrigeration equipment and other traditional or contemporary experiments The instrument industry is widely used and has a huge market capacity.

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Mobile phone: 18902431810

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Address: 7th Floor, Xinlong Science and Technology Park, No. 2, Dawangshan Industrial 1st Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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