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How to choose a better cooling fan?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

We all know that the function of the cooling fan is very critical, especially in the high temperature environment like summer, it is even more difficult to withstand the high temperature. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to choose an efficient cooling fan. However, as the demand for cooling fans continues to increase, more and more manufacturers are producing various cooling fans. Do you know how to choose cooling fans? Today, Jixiangjia Motor will introduce how to choose Cooling fan.

How to choose a cooling fan:

1. When choosing a cooling fan, people often compare wind pressure and air volume. For normal ventilation, the wind pressure and air volume need to overcome the resistance of the cooling fan during the ventilation stroke. The cooling fan must generate pressure to overcome the air supply resistance. It is wind pressure. The wind pressure mainly depends on the shape, area, height and speed of the fan blade. The faster the speed, the larger the fan blade. The higher the wind pressure is, the air duct design heat sink can better maintain the wind pressure of the fan.

2. In terms of design, in addition to the general design mentioned above, some cooling fans adopt some very special designs, and through the application of newer technologies and processes, they can better meet the needs of users. The cooling fan is dust-proof, and all parts of the air flow through long-term use will be covered with a thick layer of dust. This will result in poor air flow. Increase the weight of the blade. Reduce the speed or increase the motor load, and even damage the fan.

3. The total volume of air sent or sucked by the cooling fan every minute. In the case of the same material of the heat sink, the air volume is an important indicator to measure the heat dissipation capacity of the air-cooled radiator, that is to say, the larger the fan, the greater the air volume. More air volume can take away more heat per unit time. If the air volume is compared to the swing force of a weapon, then the wind pressure is the sharpness of the weapon. With other conditions unchanged, the actual air volume plays a decisive role in the effect of the cooling fan.

4. When choosing a cooling fan, what we need to know is that the more vertical the fan blades of the cooling fan, the larger the wind cut surface, the greater the air volume generated, and the greater the wind cutting noise; Not to mention heat dissipation. And the number of blades and the design of the blades will also have a great impact on the air volume and pressure. The design of the cooling fan blade has a more obvious impact on the performance of a fan. At the same speed, the product of the fan blade design can provide a larger air pressure and air volume, thereby bringing a better heat dissipation effect.

In addition, what we need to understand is that for a cooling fan to have strong performance, the overall performance of the fan needs to be handled properly in all details. The wind pressure of the cooling fan with large air volume will be sacrificed. If the wind pressure is large, the air volume will decrease. The speed of the cooling fan and the cooling capacity are not necessarily higher.


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Mobile phone: 18902431810

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